Popular among both Thais and foreigners, Wat Pho is a must-visit in Bangkok. This Buddhist temple is home to one of Thailand’s most sacred Buddha images (Wat Pho means “temple of the laurels” in Thai) and also houses more than 400 different sculptures of Buddha. The temple itself dates back to 1854, but it wasn’t until 1949 that it was opened to the public. Its popularity has grown steadily since then and you will find many people visiting not only on weekends but also during other times throughout the week too. Here are the top places to visit in Bangkok’s Wat Pho.

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The Golden Mount

This is where the temple’s main is located. The temple itself is built around four sculptures, three of which are gold-plated. The golden sculptures is the most sacred and it is said that anyone who visits the temple is bound by a sacred oath to become a Buddhist monk. If you are just there as a tourist, then you should visit the Golden Mount. Visitors can also climb the 276 steps to the top of the where they will find a beautifully decorated area with a view of Bangkok.

Dusit Zoo

The Dusit Zoo is the biggest zoo in Thailand and it is also one of the most popular. You can find a variety of animals here, including tigers, elephants, lions and bears. There are also plenty of other animals such as monkeys, birds and reptiles that can be found in the zoo. It is located in the quiet Thonburi neighbourhood and you can easily visit this zoo on a day trip from Bangkok. Alternatively, you can also spend a night at the Dusit Zoo, staying in one of the many hotels or resorts that are located right next to the zoo.

Thai-Burma Bridge (aka. Tha Du Padi)

The Thai-Burma Bridge (aka. Tha Du Padi) is a bridge that connects Thailand to Burma. This bridge was the world’s longest until 2016 when the new bridge in China was completed. The old bridge was also beautiful, although it was not as long as the new bridge. The bridge has been a key tourist attraction in Bangkok since the 1960s, when it became a popular way for Thais and tourists to travel and meet. The Tha Du Padi (Burmese for “the Great Bridge”) is also one of Bangkok’s best places to visit. You can find the bridge at the eastern end of the Bangkok River, so from this point you will have a great view of the city.

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Silom Road and around

There are numerous roads in Bangkok’s Silom Road area where you can find great attractions, restaurants and shopping. There are many street vendors selling antiques, clothes and other goods in this area too. There are also many hidden temples, which can be found on the streets of this area. If you are looking for great food, then Silom Road and around is a great place to visit. There are many famous restaurants in Bangkok, including some that have been around for many years. If you are visiting during the New Year holidays, then the Silom Road and around area is a great place to visit. There are many New Year’s Eve events and parties that take place here.

National Museum of Bangkok

The National Museum of Bangkok is one of Bangkok’s best places to visit. There is a huge range of exhibits that explore many different cultures and eras of Thai history. There are also many Buddha images, artefacts and ruins that you can find here. The museum is located in the Silom Road area and it has a free shuttle bus that will take you around the area. If you have the chance, then you should also take a walk along Silom Road to explore the area.

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